Commemorations and celebrations in 2023

In 2023, the Commemoration and Celebration Committee has planned the following activities

Placing Stolpersteine ​​on April 12

On Wednesday, April 12, the first 9 Stolpersteine ​​will be placed in Oegstgeest. The program is as follows with the locations and names below.
09.30: Rhijngeesterstraatweg 13 (Municipal Hall)
Elisa Alida Lioni-Goldschmidt
10.15: Endegeeststraatweg 5
Amalia Sophia Cahen, Levie Emanuel Fruitman, Maurits van Gelderen, Frouktje van Zand and Betje Rozevelt-de Vries
11.00: Frederik Hendriklaan 18
Aleida Maria Goudsmit-Cohen
11.45: at Warmonderweg 24
Baruch Pinto and Rosalie Pinto-Juchenheim

The times are indicative and subject to change.
Further information about Stolpersteine ​​and the persons mentioned here can be found on our website.
You can witness the placing of the stones. Registration is not necessary.

Commemoration on May 4

15.00 -17.00: Laying of flowers
Members of the Commemoration and Celebration Committee lay flowers at the war graves in the cemetery of the Groene Kerkje and the Willibrordkerk and at the Halifax monument.
18.15 - 19.15: Memorial program in the Dorpscentrum
Inez Schelfhout of ARQ Centrum 45 in Oegstgeest will give a short lecture this evening in the Dorpscentrum, after which the names of war victims from Oegstgeest will be read. The music is provided by the choir Via Regalis. Coffee and tea are offered. Registration is not necessary, admission is free.
19.40 - 20.15: National Commemoration in the forest of Wijckerslooth
During the National Commemoration, Minister Karien van Gennip will give a short reflection in the context of the annual theme: "Living with war"
Two students from the Gevers-Deutz Terweeschool will read self-written poems.
After the two minutes of silence at 8 p.m., the parade will take place.
The scouting group Shawanos will provide the honorary colouloir this evening and the tattoo will be blown by Franciscusband Leiden.
20.30 - 21.30: Meeting in the Dorpscentrum while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea

May 5 celebration

08.00 - 16.00: Children's Free Market
The municipality of Oegstgeest is organizing a free market for children in collaboration with the Oranjevereniging Oegstgeest and the scouting associations Shawano's and Sagara Satrya's. For more information, see
10.00 - 17.00: May 5 Fair Kempenaerstraat
The Kempenaerstraat Retailers' Association organizes the 5 May Fair in their own shopping street. Both professional and private shopkeepers are present at the Fair.
11.30: Arrival walking group with liberation fire
Running group Oegstgeest organizes a 103 km long relay run in the night of 4 to 5 May. They bring the liberation fire from Wageningen to Oegstgeest. Arrival is expected to be around 11.30 am in the Bos van Wijckerslooth
14.15 - 15.30: Historical vehicles
Two restored jeeps and a World War II Dodge will be set up next to the Shell pump on the corner of Hofdijck and Terweeweg, where you can view this moving historical heritage.
Halifax Memorial Commemoration: May 23 at 7:45 PM
At the monument in the central reservation of the Kleyn Proffijtlaan in Haaswijk, it will be commemorated that on this date eighty years ago a Halifax aircraft with seven English and Canadian pilots was shot down. After a short speech follows a minute of silence and the laying of flowers.

Lights at the war graves: December 24

On Christmas Eve, Veterans from Oegstgeest commemorate fallen soldiers at the war graves at the cemetery of the Groene Kerkje. They place lights and hold a minute's silence.

This program is subject to interim changes. Keep an eye on our website and sign up for our Newsletter!